Nike Air Max 95 LX Wmns

It’s a well-known and age-old adage that you’re not supposed to wear white past labor day, but Nike has never really been one to abide by conventional wisdom in anything that they do — exactly what makes them so great. Although most of their fall releases heavily feature wheat or dark tones — perfectly in line with the season — they’re not setting aside the light-colored kicks either, as the Air Max 95 has arrived in a clean combo of grey and white. The anatomy-inspired side panels call upon each color evenly — as two panels are adorned in grey while two call upon white — and further white/grey detailing covers the rest of the upper. The midsole and outsole opt for a very faint grey, and the Air Max take it back with their classic clear styling. If you’re a fan of not playing by the established “rules” as well, these resplendent new 95s will be available at the retailers listed below later this fall.